2019 Mercedes G Class Release Date

2019 Mercedes G Class Release Date Mercedes-Benz G-Class latest generation was officially present some time ago on European soil. Although the design does not change much, still strong, still this SUV is much anticipated fans.

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Mercedes-Benz G-Class is a true offroader SUV. This car is in the same class as Land Rover Defender and Jeep Wrangler. All three then become a legendary car and no timeless eaten. Although Land ROver Defender should stop being produced, but its fans continue to mushroom around the world. The G-Class too. Since its first presence before the late 1970s, this car continues to be maintained by the maker.

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The shape has not changed much, but its ability continues to evolve. Even AMG also took the G-CLass to serve as a performance SUV, without daring mengoprek abilities offroadnya. Brabus, a tuner outside the MErcy factory took the same AMG steps, and improved AMG’s G-CLass assembly again. The Brabus 900, once the G-Class Brabus is named, is an exclusive model made with only 10 units, with cefirable performance.

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Although already produced since 1979, Mercedes G-Class is still very salable in the market that loves the SUV is tough and elegant. Nevertheless, Mercedes-Benz has just launched the successor of the Mercedes Gelandenwagen is more modern and wider, but with a strength that is still strong.

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